Air Car – L’auto che funziona ad aria

Fantastic news appear this morning on one’s fav Italian Newspaper

“An air car will be on market before next year”

This Company ( MDI’s air engine technology is tested on Tata Motors vehicles.

For the development of its vehicles, MDI has created and used adapted technologies to its innovating production method.
Together with the engines and their accessories (pressure reducers, moto-alternators, compressors, air stations, etc…) new type of frame/bodywork, and transmissions were developed by our R&D center.

Hope to see and drive one ASAP!!! #GoGreen

All the interview here :

Grande notizia stamattina su uno dei giornali più famosi d’Italia.

Entro la fine dell’anno prossimo entrerà in commercio l’auto ad aria compressa!

Questa azienda MDI (( lussemburghese, ha adottato questa tecnologia su motori  TATA.

Non vedo l’ora di vederne tantissime per le strade, e di provarne/acquistarne una!!! #GoGreen

Tutta l’intervista qui :



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